Friday, March 04, 2005

White privalege.

I apologize if this is unrelated but I couldn't help thinking about it when reading the Wilson interview and then again in the 'white privilege' article:
There was an article in the times yesterday about a Wall Street manager of hedge funds who brings in $350 million a year and spends it on art. Apparently he has great taste and sets the market trends on what art can fetch. So when I was reading the Wilson article and how a entire sixth grade class was removed from public school to private, guaranteed college scholarships and subsequently flourished, I couldn’t help thinking how misplaced this man’s (as illustrative of many of us) money is. If he would forgo buying just one piece of art work he could probably turn a few public schools into high quality institutions and still get everyone through college. Now, of course, it is easy to pick on him for being rich but not so easy to identify ourselves as having privilege that at least kept most of us out of inner city public schools. I don’t think that is particularly related to the topic at hand but take it as you will.

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