Thursday, March 03, 2005


My first thought was to look at the disparities present in academic libraries. I've done some searching, however, and so far I don't find much. There was some material about HBC's (Historically Black Colleges) and underfunded libraries. I would also like to see differences between state schools, tech schools, private schools, and smaller liberal arts colleges, but so far I haven't seen much.

My other idea would be to look at differences among teenagers by demographic groups and by education. This might include personal digital devices other than computers, such as Ipods, PDA's, cell phones, and satellite radio. I haven't looked into the available literature on this topic, but I imagine it might be hard to find statistical comparisions amongst the sea of consumer reviews and technical update articles.

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  1. We talked about a third topic in the hall, which I like, but of these two, I'd pick the first. You might try looking at the Chronicle of Higher Education as your first source of information and follow leads from there.