Saturday, March 12, 2005

Kids' Revenge!

I liked a lot Sandvig article for a lot of reasons.

First I had fun in reading it. It sounded to me like the Kid's Revenge over those adults who often forget children have their own thinking heads. Kids have their world and they are able to think. I mean, I strongly agree that there's the need to protect kids by legislating. But with an approach that keeps in mind they are in thinking persons instead of .
Sandvig study bring back to kids some power. It is like: "yeah, you know, you're doing laws to protect them, but your doing that thinking as adults, not as kids. Kids are using internet in a different way, just to let you know, dear lawmakers." It was just great. Kids don't care about the things that are scaring you so much. Nice. Go Kids!

Secondly, the approach of the study is great. I like it as an elegant warning: do the laws, we need them, but pease, before that, be sure to know what people really need. Because sometimes the needs and real behaviour are different from what you expect. Nice again. Lawmakers get a little peek-a-boo (as also Matt pointed out in his comment "In Response to Rachel H & Kids").

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