Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tapping on Race

Just to touch base on my aspect of some race issues that weren't discussed in class. Here on campus there is only 13% minorities that attend. In comparison to some other big ten universities, this is a ridiculously low number. Now most people don't typically think that I would belong in the 13%, however I am Latina and am involved with a group here on campus that tries to reach out and show other students that just because there isn't a large representation of minorites on campus, that getting to know people of different ethinicity is a good thing. I do feel a certain amount of sadness when talking to people that strongly believe that students that attend universities of a minority group should get money because of their race. Now I don't believe that just because of your skin color that someone should get a scholarship, I believe that they should receive it based on merit or need. I happen to receive a scholarship here for minorities, however I received it based on my highschool merit. In order for me to keep this scholarship, I need to obtain a certain GPA. Students who don't get this GPA get put on a hold list and can lose their scholarship. This seems extremely justified for anyone, regardless of skin tone. But when I talk to people and they find out that I have a minority scholarship, they automatically say "oh that's just because you're hispanic, must be nice." Yet if people would get the facts, they would know that no one who receives this scholarship are getting it soley based on the fact of their skin color.
I don't believe that people without minority background who NEED the money should be denied scholarships, but I don't believe that people should judge either the people with minority background who NEED the money as well. There's a fine line that seems to get drawn between what's fair and what's not.

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