Thursday, March 10, 2005

Re: What adults do online

Yeah, I'm with Trisha. It's not suprising that kids play online. Thank God they can play somewhere. It might be the least structured place kids have to be kids in this highly programmed childhood of their's.

Plenty of adults play online, too. Have you heard about 2nd Life? I heard an NPR story on it a few weeks ago and wanted to bring it up in class. Google 'Second Life' and take a look. It's a virtual world where the game designers actually SELL virtual property to people for development. Your 'Avitar' may interact with others (in most ways imaginable) and players themselves have developed 'niches', whereby they design homes for people and the like. Sounds like a HUGE chunk of time to devote to cyberplay.

No wonder I never hear from friends anymore. They're out living in cyberspace.

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  1. What I have seen happen is a bell-curve of experimental internet time. Folks get a new technology, it's a novelty, then after a while the usage drops off. I also think the media, and even academic media, tend to highlight the unusual and cool cases because the majority of people who go online to order bank checks or email their sister is just too boring to get columns filled.