Thursday, March 31, 2005

The changes of computers

In Apple's article, he discussed the introduction of computers and how they would have an effect on the future careers for people. Apple states that parents and teachers believe that the addition of computers to the classroom will help the student's receive a better life. This article struck me because it was written in 1986 and since it's currently 2005, the application of the concepts that he thought can be investigated/thought more upon now. I was born in 1985, so other than reading information about computer use in schools prior to that, I don't have any personal experience other than going to school through the 1990's. Anyways, I remember having a computer in my classroom all through elementary school and high school. The article discussed the changes that technology advances would bring to computers and the lives of the people using them. I thought about my own use of computers and people that I grew up with when I read that. How has it improved the lives of people? Has it? What would be different today without the advances of computers??? Apple said "by focusing on what is changing and being changed, we may neglect to ask what relationships are remaining the same" (151). I think that's a valuable issue to look into as well.

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