Thursday, March 03, 2005

How old is too old?

"Two out of five respondents also perceived computers as something for children or those well adcanced in their professional careers. Thus, they perceived themselves as being "too old" to learn computers." (pg. 213) This was written in the article Beyond Access: Psychosocial Barriers to Computer Literacy. The article continued to state that "surprisingly, even respondents as young as 32 year of age also said they feared being too old to learn computers." I found this fact to be extremely interesting. My great grandfather's brother at the age of 65 decided to go back to college to take some classes to simply just learn more information. He continued to do this until he was 73. Obviously when he was growing up there wasn't the same use of computers as there is today, but since he was taking classes, he also learned about computers and is very well adapt to them today in his 80's. Not everyone takes the same approach to learning that he did; however, should a 65 year old be considered too old to learn how to use computers? Should a 32 year old???? I don't think that there should be an age segregation of how old a person can be to learn about computers, people should be feel free to use the sources given to them without feeling weird doing so.

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  1. I agree. There should not be segregation based on age. But I think that each person naturally (and incounsciously) creates his/her own segregation based on how they perceive themselves. And it is not only refearred to age or computer use. But for everything.
    Your ultra-cool great grandfather's brother doesn't perceive any barrier related to age and gaining knowledge. He's great.
    I don't drive Harley-Davidson motorcycles because I don't feel I'm tough enough. That's pretty weird... that's also a pretty weird example... whatever...
    See? Sometimes it happens...