Thursday, March 03, 2005

Final Project Ideas

My first idea was to do a research paper on whether senior citizens were well represented on the internet. My position would be that they are not, and that is the reason that they are not logging on. Now, to be honest, I really haven't done any research on this yet, so my position might change.

My second idea is to do a research or review paper stating that computer literacy is already a necessity for a good paying job. Once again, I really have no idea if I'll find the information that I need for this topic. And I would have to define the parameters on what exactly a "good paying job" is.

1 comment:

  1. I think the first idea is better defined and can be a nice combination of "running the numbers" (looking at the latest surveys from NTIA, Pew, Benton, etc. that we have seen in class) and following leads for content (if you had an assumption/hypothesis that senior citizens would be consuming/communicating/producing in only specific realms of the Internet, from age-specific chat rooms to the AARP web site). If you could supplement this project with some interviews of elderly web users, that would be superb.