Thursday, March 31, 2005

Comment on Virtual Class Discussion

I often think that all of what I was thinking during class doesn't necessarily get said. This isn't just because of topic changes or my semi-shyness at times, there's just often not enough time for everyone to say everything that they think of. The class could be much, much longer and there would still be things left at the end that may not have been covered for various reasons. I like the aspect of having the blog for that purpose. Trisha made good use of talking on the blog after class with raising race as a posed question to the class since we didn't cover it that thoroughly in class. I don't think that a blog should ever completely be the only source for a class, but I enjoyed the experiment with it in the previous week. Sometimes more information gets covered that way, sometimes it doesn't. Even though people have the opportunity to say whatever they want on a blog, thoughts can get provoked/thought of during verbal discussion.

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