Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Proposal Projects

#1: Review project; inspired by the article sent out about doctors use of emails for client appointments rather than the patient coming in for certain reasons. I have thought about this sort of concept before (as well as the use of pharmacies online) and finding information about this topic would be extremely interesting. In this day and age, I'll be able to find information supporting doctors emailing and opposing. I'm not sure which will prevail in my paper yet if this topic is chosen.

#2: Policy project; I think that the work with programs for the computer or other technologies for handicapped individuals. My cousin is handicapped, and I believe there there are more programs that can be created for less cost to the purchaser. (This could fit into the other project categories, it's just a thought).

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  1. I like the first one and I think you might try to connect with Rachel (above) who was considering a similar topic. You might try to find out, for example, the range of health information on the Web and which is free vs. which is considered paid consulting. What are the legal constraints on this information (eg. "Please consult doctor before doing anything.")? Which sites are trusted as sources of medical information and why? And finally, who uses this information and is there a demographic divide?