Friday, March 04, 2005


I am a bit late with this...and I still can't decide what I want to do...picking topics is always the most difficult part for me--too many things I want to learn.
1) Review/Research Project (either way?)-- I am curious about how much is known about the accessibility (e.g. relating to Section 508) of websites that may be considered "necessary" in a "basic access" way of thinking. It may be the easiest to focus on government websites but I really want to know what important sites been studied in this area.
2) Research Project-- Studying internet usage differences between nations, looking at the nations political, socio-cultural, technological, monetary and governmental issues/status. The article Social Inequalities by Pippa Norris dealt with these idea. I would interested in studying Sweden, United States, and Portugal (as the highest and lowest growth of internet between 1996-1999) but I should get more current information first. Maybe I would need to get even more specific?
3) Review Project-- I am wondering what studies have been done on identity representation and probably chatrooms, but maybe blogs would work also. Is there scholarship being done about this and how would they go about finding out how people are representing themselves versus what the "reality" seems to be.

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  1. I like the first idea: following Section 508 accessibility requirements. I'd think of it as a bit of a historical review project: Figure out where the Section 508 regulations originated; who pushed for them; how they relate to both physical space and cyberspace; and then follow up some of the literature on whether these regulations are being met (and why they're not).