Friday, March 11, 2005

Re: Rachel & Laundry

I have been meaning to get a clothesline for the backyard. Perhaps I will feel less isolated.

I think, probably, we shouldn't take so personally what J.S. Light has to say about women and technophobia. Statistically, it's probably more true than false. Not everyone, of course, NOT library students who ELECT TO TAKE PHYSICS, for example (that's Rachel).

It also struck me as somewhat ridiculous that MEN don't see the computer as a way to communicate with people, but that we see it as a tool for "POWER AND WISDOM". Excuse me while I buy 4000 shares of WalMart. Maybe I'm what AHNOLD would call a GURLY MAHN, but I use the computer for A LOT of person to person communication. Much more so than my wife does. Her's is primarly a work computer.

Guess I'll get back to the laundry now. -mc


  1. I actually don't have anything to say other than that was excellent!

  2. Matt, when you're finished there, I have a few loads you can finish up at my place that have been let go while I'm ONLINE!