Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to My Life

Hey there-

My name is Zack and I am currently a sophomore at UW-Madison. This semester, I will be applying for the Strategic Communications (advertising and PR) program within the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Also, I am applying for the CIB program from the School of Business in order to have a little financial knowledge under my belt when I enter the field marketing/advertising after college.

Originally, I grew up in a suburb outside of St. Paul, MN. Although I am the youngest person in LIS 640, being the "baby" is nothing new to me - that is, I have an older brother (UW graduate and current medical school student at the University of Minnesota) in addition to my mother and father.

In my spare time at Madison, I am either working as an intern at the UW-Morgridge Center for Public Service, planing events as the VP-Membership of a professional-business fraternity on campus, playing a little bit of ultimate frisbee, working out at the SERF, cooking for in my apartment for my friends (the photo above is me with one of my dessert creations), or studying at one of the various UW-Libraries around campus. If you look around College Library or the Grainger Business Library, you will most likely find me attempting to study.

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  1. I also work for the Morgridge Center for Public Service. I am a Service Learning Fellow and I have worked for the past year and a half with the Center for Global Health. I am interested in hear what you do with the Morgridge Center.