Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Richard Intro

Hey I'm Richard. I am the other special student in our class. This is my first class in SLIS, actually its the first class I've taken in awhile.

Originally I am from Brookfield which is right outside Milwaukee. There isn't much there, mostly malls and more malls so I'll move on. I did my undergrad here and got a BA in Psychology though I spent a couple years in engineering. Since then I have mostly been working and traveling when I get the chance. The picture of me is from Costa Rica near Playa Hermosa.

Currently I work at the Legislative Reference Bureau in library services. I do a lot of clippings scanning, meta tagging, circulation, all that fun stuff. I also worked for the WI State Law Library for quite a long time as the circulation assistant. I suppose I should try to get a job with the executive branch next so I can cross all three branches off my list.


  1. Hey there, I'm from Brookfield too. Personally I'd describe it as an almost purely residental area, as there is really only one mall. :)-

  2. This is true, but there are probably 4 more within 30 min of it. You described it as a residential area, I would call it suburbia.

  3. Suburbia indeed. No worries, I'm not particularly fond of Brookfield. It may have a decent public school system but it's obviously extremely economically and racially segregated, regardless of it's proximity to many "mauls" as I prefer to call them.