Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[Intro] Jen Moore

Hi, I'm Jen. (Hi, Jen!) I'm in my first year in SLIS; before I went back to school I worked a menial, soul-crushing job for two years, and before that I got my degree in anthropology from Beloit College. (I still haven't ruled out higher education in anthropology, but I nixed it for now because field work scares me.) I wrote a senior thesis on the relationships of the Livejournal fan community for Stargate: Atlantis (and it killed any love for that show I might have had left).

Obviously I'm tremendously interested in how we use the Internet to communicate, build communities, and shape our relationships. I'm particularly interested in the ways that the personas we wear online do (and don't) break down traditional categories like race and gender, socioeconomic status, physical and mental ability, and so on ad infinitum. Can you really be someone totally different online than you are in person?

In that vein, it took me upwards of half an hour to give myself access to this blog. Due to a bit of technological inattentiveness on my part when Blogger first associated itself with Google, I ended up with blogs attached to this Google account (you know, the one with my real name on it) when they should have gone onto another, because I do blog about things I would rather not have associated with my professional career. I, for one, am certainly trying to maintain a divide between one part of my online life and another.

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