Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introduction [Sara A.]

Hello. I'm Sara, this is my second semester taking classes as a special student, have applied for SLIS grad program fall of 2009. I moved to Madison about a year and a half ago from Milwaukee.

My undergrad is from UW-Milwaukee in Information Science. While a student (and for a bit afterward/before) I was also a bookseller, 8 years total. After graduation I worked in a small bindery doing antique book/document restoration/preservation. Before moving to Madison I worked at a large hospital doing medical records management.

Currently I work at the Madison central library. My main jobs right now are the Internet/Computer Sign-Up/Help Desk and Interlibrary Loan processing (which I actually like). I have also worked quite a bit in technical services. I volunteer in the preservation lab at the Wisconsin Historical Society, and will most likely be starting at LTE position there shortly.

I have a variety of library interests but my main interest is preservation and access to antique/rare/historically valuable materials. Specifically creating digital systems and records of fragile materials to prevent loss, but also long term storage, repair, and care. I really enjoy the "crafting" part of book and document repair. Does it seem like I should be getting a conservation degree? Yeah, sorta, but I am also very interested in other aspects of librarianship (and many other things as well, including social justice, public education, environmental issues, information access etc etc etc).

In my non-school/career life some of the things I enjoy are reading (duh), cats, vegan cooking (I'm not strict, but all my cooking is), the Internet, crafting (mostly knitting & embroidery), archery, bookbinding, politics, and tea.


  1. wouldn't happen to be able to point me toward a place I could start learning archery, would you? It's one of those things I've always wanted to do.

  2. Sure, how do you feel about the SCA? :)

  3. It's always them, isn't it! I have nothing against the SCA on principle, I was just scared away from them once when I was younger, so I haven't checked them out since I moved to Madison. I hear they're pretty cool here.

  4. They are pretty cool here, actually. If by cool, you mean really nerdy, but not freaky. Seriously though, there are some really talented, interesting people in the group here (I'm new to it myself). The regular archers are friendly bunch.

    If you want to know more about the archery practices (it's on campus, bi-weeky, free, and they have loaner equipment) ask me in class, or send me an email

    Archery opportunties are pretty limited in this area otherwise, all the ranges are pretty far away.