Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hi. My name is Katie and this is my second semester in SLIS. And also my first blog post. Ever. Seriously.

I grew up in the great city of Milwaukee, WI with my lovely parents and two brothers. I spent the first two years of my undergraduate career at the University of Colorado-Boulder. in 2004, I transferred to UW-Milwaukee and received a B.A. in English and art history. After graduating, I traveled around China with my boyfriend, who was living and teaching there for a year, organized a kick-ass street festival for a local non-profit, and worked as the office manager/factotum for a local restaurant group after breaking my foot while waitressing at one of their restaurants. It’s probably one of the cooler events of my life: breaking foot leads to ginormous promotion. Awesome.

The boy and I moved here in August and have been working/schooling ever since. I currently work at the Kohler Art Library and at Digital Collections. I am interested in art and academic librarianship, print culture, and digital curation. Some non-school/work things I like are reading, gluten-free dairy-free cooking (it’s way more delicious than you think), sewing, pilates, listening to Radio Lab and This American Life podcasts, Netflix, and playing with my two cats, Charlie Baxter and Mimi Lou.