Tuesday, January 27, 2009

High Fives All Around!

please allow me to introduce myself:

my name is chris lay, and i'm finishing up my fourth and final semester in SLIS. i am originally from north carolina, having been born and raised in the currently booming ("next atlanta, y'all!") city of charlotte. i accomplished my undergrad at appalachian state in the sleepy mountain town of boone, nc. my alma mater is known and liked in this city due to the fact that our football team stunned michigan state a couple of seasons ago, beating them on their own turf. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," as they say.

i earned my undergrad degree in the discipline of interdisciplinary studies, which is a fancy way of saying that i took a bunch of very cool humanities courses and strung them together with the metaphorical bubblegum provided by post modernism. i also minored in english lit. for all intents and purposes, as far any career opportunities go, we can all see that i was kinda screwed.

i started working in an elementary school upon graduation and found myself spending more and more time in the library. after working for a year as a first grade teachers assistant, the position of library assistant was created and i very quickly submitted my application. not long after working in the media center, i decided that it was high time to take adulthood by the horns and get a degree in librarianship, which led me to the place i am today.

i am interested in a lot of digital and technological issues, usually pertaining to copyright and the general umbrella of the "free culture" movement. currently i work in the computer lab of second floor college library and in the digital liab of the historical society.


  1. By the by, I heart the boxcar children so very much. Well played, sir.