Sunday, January 25, 2009




  1. Hi Alex; thanks for your introduction. I can relate to your experience teaching 6th grade science. I have a journalism/literature background, but I spent two years teaching middle school (one of them science). As you related, it's a challenge, but I have to say that the experience has really helped me as a librarian in a public library. I regularly draw on the skills I developed as a MS teacher. Plus, we get to help students, and we don't have to grade.

  2. I think it's helpful too. Both of my parents were teachers and somehow I thought this meant I understood a teacher's job by my close proximity to them. But teaching is very different than discussing teaching. People are very passionate about education in this country, but the discussions often sound so sure of themselves. I wish everyone could teach for a month in a city school; people would revere our teachers (particularly our good teachers) more. And there are some excellent teachers in city schools. I worked with them.