Thursday, January 29, 2009

Late to the party, or just making an entrance?

Hi! I'm Susannah. I am in my final semester of the pro-track master's program in the School of Journalism. I don't really have a concentration, which often confounds my professors, but pigeonholing is boring.

I graduated from UW in 2002 with a BA in music (voice performance). After a variety of jobs and experiences, I settled down in University Communications (the press release people, among other things) in early 2005 before starting grad school in the fall of 2007. I stuck around at UComm and currently have a PAship writing for Wisconsin Week and other releases. I also work part-time at a small PR agency, where we find about 18,652 different ways to say, "____ County has the most amazing forests/small towns/lakes/antiquing/country festivals/snowmobiling you've ever seen!" I would like to stay in the wonderful, horrible world of university or governmental media relations after graduating, but at this point I'll take anything.

In my spare time (or, you know, during a class discussion...), I enjoy knitting. I co-moderate a large worldwide community of knitters on LiveJournal, and I usually spend way more time writing about knitting than actually doing it. On Friday nights, you can typically find me at a Badger hockey game. I also sing, including subbing as a soloist in a local church and doing summer concerts with the Isthmus Vocal Ensemble, among other groups. Oh, and I am also a karaoke and Rock Band fiend, specializing in "Ballroom Blitz" and "Call Me."

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