Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glad to be here.

Hi there. I'm Brendan McCarty, a SLIS student in my final semester of the program. As with many others in our class, I've had a bit of a roundabout course getting to where I'm at right now.

For my undergraduate studies, I earned a double major in Journalism and German Culture. Since it was not in the stars for me to earn my living as a foreign correspondent based in Munich, I paid the bills by moving pianos, then settling in for a few years working in sales at a digital stock photography company. I eventually realized that there is only so much of a future working at an Internet start-up, and thought fondly of my journalism days, most notably my time spent in the library.

Since entering SLIS, I've gained an appreciation for Public Libraries, and I hope to work in one upon my graduation. I'm especially enthusiastic for the public service aspects of working in a public library setting, so it will be useful to know how the digital divide will factor in to my work.

When I'm not working at the SLIS Library (where I'm employed as a student assistant), I enjoy listening to and making music. I play keyboards and occasionally sing in Awesome Car Funmaker, I'm an avid record collector, and I love to sing Karaoke.

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