Thursday, February 26, 2004

To reply to Ben:

Comment 1:
Virtual communities give more opportunities and freedom to the online users to join or leave them than real world communities, and virtual communities have their own rules and regulations. They are different from real world communities. However, when we talk about censorship and social control over virtual communities, we need to conceptualize them first. What are the definitions of social control and censorship? Who will or can have social control and censorship? What is a boundary line between freedom of expression online and social control and censorship? What can make them symmetrical?
And, how powerful and how different is a social network in cyberspace comparing with in real world?

Comment 2:
If other people don’t have a lot of enthusiasm to read lots of posts and to post their opinions or comments, the blog as a cyber discussion place can be occupied by only those enthusiastic people, and not really a place of exchanging opinion or discussion place. So here, we may be able to see who or what type of people mostly use the blog or BBC.

Seung-Hyun Lee

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