Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hello Greg:
I could not log in and post to the blog (tried in vain). So i am sending you the questions.

1. With teachers as gatekeepers of education and use of technology in classrooms, how much the situation has changed since 1980s in grade school, high school, college or university? How much the structural factors affect use of technology and how do teachers cope, especially with use of technology in classroom and other areas is becoming a popular notion, as there seems to be a kind of social pressure, a demand from society, parents and media.

My other concern stems out from cross-cultural effects of the structural and social factors. As loads of research has been done in many 'developing nations' on diffusion and innovation of technology, i am sure the structural factors and social factors vary, but what impact do they have would be interesting to see.

2. long distance education is becoming popular with Internet, various depress are being offered on-line, even universities offer on-line long distance courses and degrees, how does this new wave of education fit into the traditional concept of using computer technology for education in classrooms? what is role of computer technology in this particular form of education?

3. Is computer technology still a supplementary form of educational method, as we still read books, write exams on paper, lectures are still delivered with traditional methods?

Abhiyan Humane

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