Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Since the readings discussed online social structure and social network, let me be the devil’s advocate again!

We have been posting on the blog, people have been reading and commenting, it is an online social network, and has a certain structure to it with Greg being the ‘GOD’.

What do you people think of their experiences while posting or responding to peoples’ comments? Given the fact that we are online and we have offline interaction; does this affect your readings and comments to the blog?

Do you bring to your minds the characteristics of the offline person while your reading certain people’s comments?

How convenient this reading and commenting has been? Does it get too verbose, would you prefer to discuss the issue in class, or face-to-face or simply by e-mailing.

What technical factors impede or foster this process of reading peoples’ blog?
Do you comment ‘online’ or you gather your thoughts, make your arguments offline and then post?

Need a lil' help from my 'friends'. Abhiyan

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