Thursday, February 26, 2004

Overall comment:

As Amy points out, this kind of discussion on the weblog may not be a sufficient way to discuss on some topics because not everybody was on the weblog at the same time, so it took a while to think about from where or to whom I have to start to comment when I joined this discussion later. Although, the weblog provides us a convenient tool, it is not really helpful to discuss and exchange our opinions simultaneously. Discussion in the face-to-face may give more direct and immediate responses.
Also, as Anna points out, web interaction may reduce face-to-face contact, but instead, it may increase virtual contact regardless of time and place between people who cannot make physical contact. In some parts, cyberspace provides more opportunities to build a social network and to contact among people who never met before in face-to-face. For example, people have more chances to discuss about the important social issues in the cyberspace, and they build a social network, then in some cases, they gather together to protest. It was very powerful and was successful in my country, so the cyberspace played the important role as a public space to discuss the important social issues and to build a social network.

So, how do you think whether or not cyberspace can replace the physical public space for the discussion?

Second comment to cyber censoring: (probably comment to Ben’s question):

First of all, cyber censoring may infringe the freedom of expression. However, we have to think about a lot of bad things such as cyber crimes, children pornographies, defamation without any evidence, bogus companies, thousands of spam mails, etc. which are happening in the cyberspace now. How can we prevent those bad things in the cyberspace?

Seung-Hyun Lee

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