Thursday, February 26, 2004

As I am reading the comments new issues are coming into light.

People from different places have their own unique cultural identity. The cultural identity is an integral part of their existence and society. With the advent of television and especially the MTV culture the cultural identity has been decreasing, as Neil Postman would argue. People seem to watch same programs, wear same clothes, and talk in same way online from all over the world. In a way, easy availability of information is good, but what does Internet communication and forms of communication used online do to our cultural identity.

If I am talking to someone from Australia, I would like him or her to use their cultural identity markers, for example ‘no worries mate’ or something. If use of symbols and slang is going to make a homogenous online culture of expression it is perhaps the worst and disastrous effect it may have on our society. How does someone from Bangladesh preserve their cultural identity? They are talking/typing in English, which is not their language, what ways you have to know and understand their culture and society and hence diversity of viewpoints in forms of online communication?

I read on BBC, as we speak 50 languages every six months are becoming extinct. And as languages go extinct, all forms of expression, clothes and the entire culture dies.


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