Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Interesting reading for this time, wasn't it? Actually, I enjoyed the British statistical review more than the Kominski studies, re: Computer Use in the United States: 1984 and Comptuer Use in the United States: 1989, and then the Cuban book, TEACHERS AND MACHINES. That one brought back some memories of winding the filmstrip into the old style projector, or technical difficulties down in the darkened "film room," or even listening to the World Series in the classroom (special radio event that happened once a year). So, let's see: Questions..

1) Compare the early British teens' responses to the interviewer's questions to what you've witnessed here in America. Do the Brit teens have an aversion different from American teens?

2) What comparisons can you make re: the Larry Cuban book about Teachers and Machines to the Internet today, as a relatively new technology? Can comparisons be made?

3) Do you feel that the "lack of access to ICT" will promote social exclusion in other areas by inhibiting the ability of the technological have-nots to participate in "normal" activities, as Valentine (et al.) article suggests? Explain.

See you in class.

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