Wednesday, February 04, 2004

1. There is the hope that the easy availability of both commercial and governmental information online will “lead to a better informed citizenry.” Are people better-informed citizens and consumers? What are the assumptions behind this?
2. The informal tone of the IRS website strangely contrasts the more formal and authoritative tone of many governmental websites. When did there become a concern with branding? Are people keeping track of the evolution and changing official voice/face of e-government? Is the constantly changing landscape of the Internet an impediment in comparison to ‘static’ print materials?
3. In this article, the computer comes across as a highly personable mechanism, which provides solace and becomes a source or outlet for support. Do electronic friends/ networks/ contacts replace the physical real world versions or are they just an extension? Has the computer brought about a people revolution and an information revolution? As computers push and extend our means of communication in terms of non-face to face contact are we isolating ourselves?

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