Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Potential research topics...
My first choice is to study the somewhat recent wave of political action that is happening on the net. Hopeful presidential candidates, Howard Dean especially, are using the web substantially to rally support and spread their word. Yet, there is the off-line population to consider. I want to answer the questions: How has political campaigning changed with the prevelance of the Internet? How are campaign organizers compensating for two populations: one on-line and one off?

My back-up plan is to look at case studies from a developing nation, perhaps one in Africa, that has strong technology programs in order to shed light on what makes a country's technology programs successful. I would like to integrate the political climate, social practices, and economy of the nation and perhaps identify some criteria for success. I would also like to distinguish between the technological infrastructure itself and its actual impact on people's lives.

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