Friday, February 25, 2005

Too much of a good thing?

In Connected to the Future: A report on the children's Internet use, the authors document an increase in digital media use. They state, "...we can safely predict that children will be living increasingly digital lives." and "... children are spending more and more time with digital media relative to watching television." I interpret these two statements to mean that one day kids will be on-line rather than watch television.

Over the years there has been a push to encourage kids to watch less television. I recall that for the last two years, my daughter's school has participated in a national(?) week where kids do not watch tv. If fact, I thought that it sponsored by PBS (but my memory fails me). I thought that the purpose of this week was to encourage kids to be more active. The comments in this article made me ponder .... what if, rather than watch tv, kids just go on-line? They still continue their sedentary habits and childhood obesity continues to grow.., etc. What do you think -- Can kids be online too much? Will we one day have a national no internet week for kids?

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