Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Government for the People?

I found the article “Achieving E-Government for All” to be interesting. The survey taken of government agency websites reveals how important the internet has become for the government. It’s a cost saving measure to transfer information to an electronic format. Budget cuts have made these agencies chose between serving all the public ineffectively, or not at all, and embracing this new form of communication. However, because there are still quite a few people not on the internet, for a variety of reasons, this new way to access government information still isn’t helping all the public. Is it better for agencies to continue embracing electronic services, or is there an even better way information can reach the public? Or do the websites that lacked ease of readability and interactivity need to reassess their goals for reaching the public?

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  1. In another LIS class a librarian from a large public library came to speak to us. One thing that he said was how the movement of the government to almost exclusive use of internet resources means that people are no longer contacting the local offices for tax forms and whatnot, but rather coming to the library and printing off not only the forms but that instructions and other handbooks that come with them. As they have not yet moved to charging patrons for printing, this cost cutting by government offices are simply being deferred to the public library.