Sunday, February 27, 2005

project proposals

1 - Creating new divides: How "Barrett v. Rosenthal" could fundimentally alter online discourse. (BvR is a case currently before the California Supreme Court that revisits the Communications Decency Act provision that essentially makes ISPs and linkers to defamitory content free from liability. The case has some momentum, and if successful would make aspects of blogging, review-posting on Ebay or Amazon, setting up weblinks, even sharing articles via email potentially very expensive...)

2 - Autism and the Internet: How new technologies are opening up doors for people dealing with autism spectrum disorders, and how this bridging of both a social divide creates new digital ones. And mixed metaphores. Can bridges have doors?

On an unrelated note: What a boring Oscar telecast.


  1. The autism project sounds interesting, but difficult and broad. I like the idea of focusing on the BvR case in specific to highlight the issues of how freedom of speech, accountability for speech, and digital divides (perhaps not of access here but of use) are constructed and debated.

    And I thought Jamie Foxx's Oscar speech was pretty good ...

  2. The autism topic was just a filler -- but I'm thinking it may actually be a pretty fruitful idea. Madison is reknowned for its work in early autism research and therapy -- I think focusing it on local efforts could be a nifty, not-to-broad qualitative way to dig into it... but then again, I do enjoy talking about that lawsuit... so I'll stop typing now.