Thursday, February 17, 2005

The gov't and how it can help your community

I have to say that the "Hearing before the subcommittee on empowerment" reading was one of the more interesting and human articles we've had to read so far. It seems as though there are definitely some people out there that want to help less fortunate people get access and care about having it. The main problems, it seems, are getting people to think that it is worth the money to have it and that it can be a useful part of their lives. And of course the problem of people needing the training to use the internet. I really liked Larry Irvings statement about the infrastructure of the internet not being compelling to minorities. That the top 100 sites aren't by or about minorities, or that magazines aimed at minorities have no advertisements for computers. These are problems that should be given serious thought. But, even if the government gave more money to schools and libraries for internet access to those rural places in the south, would the people use it, is the incentive there, or if it is there do they know how to use it? I like that they have started introducing learning and technology centers in the housing projects, and that a bill was introduced in the House which would provide tax incentives for companies to do IT training for the less economically advantaged. I wonder if it was passed.

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