Friday, February 11, 2005

My question is very broad...and I guess I just want anyone who reads this before class to think about this for the discussion (I'm going to attempt to lead it). I have been thinking about why we read these three articles together for this week. Clearly, in upcoming weeks we are reading articles with more recent "data" relating to the digital divide. This week's discussion is going to attempt to answer "What is the digital divide?" in a more philosophical way--so, what are people's reactions to the articles in a general way...Do you think there is a digital divide (that may or may not go away)? Do you believe there is some technological divide but it can not be seperated from social contexts? Do you feel there are some gaps but these may change over time? If these articles take differing views on what the digital divide is, then through some sort of triangulation can we get closer to understanding the digital divide?

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  1. As I reread my post this morning...I think it is probably more helpful and interesting to think not of IF you think there is a digital divide, but, what helped you make a decision about the digital divide? What things (e.g. ideas, facts) are important to understand so that one is able to make a decision about the presence of a digital divide?