Thursday, February 03, 2005


My Granpa, who was a wise man, when was asked to foresee something was used to say something that sounds like this: "If you could make me foresee the future, then I could make you a king."

Predictions are ok, I like them. It's something we can talk about for hours. It's fun to predict and then check out who was right. We even play with prediction: We bet on horses, soccer games, whatever else... But we should not, in my opinion, take predictions too seriously, even if they came from "experts".
As my granpa was trying to teach me, nobody see the future, neither do experts.
If someone could do it, the million experts in soccer who spend billions of words on which team will win the game next Sunday wouldn't be in TV preaching, but on an island in the sun.
I bet.

Said that, it was interesting to see how experts comment previsions about several social aspects of the Internet. But, to me, it was like watching a pre soccer game show. Everybody says his/her own and that's it.
Please do not consider me the one who wants always to criticize. I don't think I am.
I think a debate on the future of the Internet, especially in certain areas, could be helpful. But not in the way it was done in this report. Maybe it was just they way this report was created that sounds bad to me... with its handful of predictions, this report sounded to me like trying to play darts being blinded. Who knows what you can hit? I really don't know, so I'm really interested in your opinion on the utility of a debate on the future of the Internet.

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  1. I also received a strange feeling about the way the report was written. One part that felt odd was the way they kept writing "experts"--regardless of who the respondent was and also when at least quite a few of the people were anonymous. I'm not sure how I feel about calling anyone an expert in the first place (but that is another debate...) Anyway, the predictions were also very odd to me...especially as they made more than one part to each prediction (i.e. this will happen and then this will happen which will cause something else.) Also, how the writers had chosen to make each prediction either "good" or "bad". That seemed interesting to me. Good to who? Bad for who?