Friday, February 04, 2005

The Future of Religion

I agree with the last comment on religion, it's potential on the internet is vastly underrated by these experts we've been reading about. The internet, if nothing else, is a great place for zealots to advertise their beliefs. Commercial time is expensive, but blog space is very cheap and easy. Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad or whatever icon people are into these days, are very commercially viable for the pious people of the world. And as someone mentioned earlier this week, the internet is great because we can get all these views and choose to ignore them as we please. If we get a pop-up to join the Church of Latterday Saints, we can just close that window. Of course I don't really want this kind of spam on the internet, I'm just saying this is one possible place religion can go if it wants to be part of the future of the Internet. Is it because religion is so conservative in its ways that they don't think it will change in the next decade?

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