Thursday, February 24, 2005

Closely watched?

In Connected to the future: A report on children's internet use, the "Digital Shepherds" section the amount of adult regulation is discussed. The study found that between the ages of 6-12 76% reported that an adult is in the same room or nearby when working online. I found the percentages found to be interesting, but I also found it interesting that an adult was "in the room or nearby." The article was discussing the safety of knowing what children are doing online; however, just because there's an adult in the room doesn't mean that the work being done is monitored at all. I remember in junior high, my computer class would get an assignment to do for the period. The assignment never took the whole time, and after we'd finish each of us had complete access to whatever we wanted to do online. Techincally we had a teacher in the room, but he never seemed to notice that we weren't working on anything school related while playing games or looking up celebrity info. We could have gone to almost any website or looked up anything that we wanted, and still been under the supervision of an adult. I'm not saying that children should have someone looking over their shoulder all the time while online, but isn't there another way to watch what is going on? If not, there should be better explaination in studies such as these to the extent of supervision. As parents read an article like this one, they might think that their child is safe because an adult is in the room. Are they?

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