Friday, February 11, 2005

Lack of experience

In The Digital Divide as a Complex and Dynamic Phenomenon, there's a discussion of 4 different types of barriers to access and the type of access that's restricted. The first one listed, lack of elementary digital experience, caught my attention. As I pondered the amount of experience lost from "lack of interest, computer anxiety, and unattractiveness of the new technology" (315), I began to question what could be done to change such experiences. Would a better ratio of computer teachers in elementary school per students in each class have a better interest effect? If different programs were used with students would their appreciation of technology increase, and continue to increase over the years? What do you think could help as a solution to this problem?

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  1. I am not sure the problem lies within the elementary school. For example, I found it interesting to overhear a group of 4th grade girls talking about chatting on-line that evening via instant messaging (to continue the conversation they were having at school). They all exchanged emails adresses and agreed to a time to be on-line.
    I think this idea of mental access may apply more to older adults. I agree that the solution may lie within 'education' and encouraging people to get on-line. It's like 'green eggs and ham, try it and see.