Monday, March 09, 2009

"Who Controls the Internet?" - Goldsmith and Wu

"Who Controls the Internet?" is the question informing this 2006 title - recently updated in 2008 - from noted legal/Internet scholars Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu. The book lays out a compelling case for the fact that the notion of the Internet as an unfettered Great Equalizer being less than accurate, and for the institution itself being a dynamic point of tension and subject to national, geographic, political and technocultural barriers. These artificial divides, imposed on a technology typically touted as borderless and agnostic in terms of cultural and other barriers, have many real-world implications for millions of people across the globe.

I am excited to delve into the narrative of many important precedent-setting events and cases. Many of the incidents this books reports on are included in the Cyberlaw course here taught by Anuj Desai, so I am looking forward to focusing on the background and the implications for the cases and the decisions made.

Additionally, I am looking at a book called Access Denied while I read "Who Controls...?".

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