Friday, March 06, 2009

Grooming & My Book

I imagine Facebook will continue to be the subject of study in the years to come. Here's an interesting, short article that uses science to analyze Facebook interaction. It's the neocortex divide.

Also, I'm going to read the book Virtual Inequality: Beyond the Digital Divide by Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, and Mary Stansbury. I liked their model in the reading we did a few weeks back, creating a hierarchy or sorts, access, skills, economic opportunity, and democracy. It looks like they break the chapters down this way too, devoting a chapter a piece to each categorical divide. They also end with a chapter on opportunities to close the divide in the future, so I like it's organization, its symmetry. Now all I have to do is get reading. Oh, and a drawback of having the Kindle version is that it doesn't have page numbers, which I'd like to have for citation purposes, so I've got this print version too, sooo old school.

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