Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cinderella or Cyberella?

(sorry about the deleted post. i think i have it figured out now...)

I will be reviewing Cinderlla or Cyberella? Empowering Women in the Knowledge Society, edited by Nancy Harkin and Sophia Huyer. According to the back cover, "each essay in the collection depicts ways in ICTs provide opportunities for women to improve their incomes, gain awareness of their rights, and improve their own and their families’ well-being. Illustrative case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America, show the global possibilities for women’s empowerment through ICTs."

I will be interested to see how the authors/editors define "knowledge society" and to read their discussions on not only women and computer and internet use, but the use of cell phones and community radio as well. While I chose this book, partly, for its title alone, I think this will also be a really interesting and informative read.

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