Wednesday, March 18, 2009

apologies for the youtubery

i hope everyone's having a good break. i'm stuck in madison, inside of college library no less, on this insanely beautiful set of days. this might be debatably related to the whole digital divide discourse, but that's a debate that i would love to have with any of you.

have you heard of girl talk? not the neon colored 80s game where you would go out on dates with little dudes whose faces were on cards (i'm not sure if this was the actual substance of the game), but the musical mash-em-up laptop dj person. well, his label, illegal art, has made a handful of their copyright infringing/fairly using albums available with a "pay-what-you-want" (modified) radiohead-style distribution plan. the site went live VERY recently, and there isn't much so far as text, but everything works fine.

i downloaded all of them, only having heard of GT and steinski, but the others are of a very high quality and supporting this fledgling means of internet salesmanship (or promoting mature debate as to its pros and cons) is in many of our interests since it presents a much more open model of content transmission (i kinda made it fit the class, right?).

steinski comes HIGHLY recommended since he's one of the granddaddy's of audio culture jamming, as does girl talk. everything else i've heard is really great, but lacks the immediacy of those two. dl it for free, swing back and tip em 5 bucks if you dig what you heard. that's what i'm gonna do after this next paycheck comes through.


  1. i forgot to mention that if anyone was still in PMRC mode, they might want to steer clear of the girl talk stuff since it presents a lot of uncensored music normally relegated to the "urban" radio stations. if you can handle the occasional blue word or stray offensive reference towards a lady, continue forward with abandon.

  2. Girl Talk has echoed throughout my apartment for countless hours over the past year. if you need a good tune to listen to while you vacuum a room or just want to break out in a sporadic dance, I highly encourage you to listen to Girl Talk.

    PS- Girl Talk's real name is Gregg Gillis and he is actually was a biomedical engineer that worked on tissue engineering prior to his emergence in the American music scene.