Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Too much of a good thing?

A couple of the articles this week addressed Internet non-users that don't want to use the Internet, and challenged the assumption that Internet use is necessarily a good thing.

I wouldn't want to become one of those "Net dropouts", but recently I have been feeling that the Net takes up too much of my time. I have a subscription to a premium site that's going to expire in a couple of weeks, and I'm not going to renew. I use the site all the time, but that's the problem. I feel like after work and school, all my free time is spent online.

I never thought I'd ask this question but...can we have too much Internet? Is it better to have some limits on our access?

On the other hand, I am on a dial-up. If I had high-speed Internet at home, I could do everything I do now in a smaller amount of time. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself!


  1. Time is specifically why I add on school loan money to get DSL--because of all the time I waste on dial-up downloading pdf's for research, or surfing for articles, even just going through email. My time is so in competition now between tasks that even 5 minutes seems a waste waiting around. Hm, what does this say about how ICTs have changed our perceptions of TIME?

  2. I think your question is really interesting to think about. At home in Illinois, my parents have dial-up...I rarely go on just to surf when I go home now. I just check my email and that's all my business. I don't even go on AIM!!! but when i'm in Madison, I have DSL and can waste sooo much time if I want to just looking up random things and school stuff. Time flies by when I'm on DSL! When I'm at home, I watch more TV while waiting for a screen to pop up than I am acutally reading information.

  3. I think we can be online too much. I can tend to navigate towards my favorite news sites during slow times at work, and then I can come home and tell myself I’m only going to write up my summaries for the readings for class, but spend the next 4 hours watching Daily Show clips or emailing. I guess I’d make the argument that because I have high speed internet I tend to be online longer. The few times I’ve used my parents dial-up, I gave up waiting for pages to load and went to find something more constructive to do. However, I’ve reached the (I think) sad point in life that if I didn’t have access to the internet I would become panicky and lost. What’s the weather going to be like today? What are the movie times? Is Scrubs new tonight?