Thursday, April 21, 2005

community technology centers

In Community Technology Centers... on page 425, Servon and Nelson claim that their case studies illustrate the importance of local government support in starting and running community technology centers/intiatives. Did those studies really show that? I don't know that their studies showed that, but I also am not sure how you could run one without it... Is that true, do community technology centers need local government support or could they be created using other sources?


  1. I would think you would have to have local support. The county or city runs the library, not the private sector or feds. The county and state manage other programs that would be feeders or expanders on community access points. the local govt's have a lot at stake to make sure their workforce is educated and informed.

  2. I agree with Melanie. I feel that there would have to be some sort of government involvement locally in order for the program to start. There would have to be funding involved for the centers to even get off the ground, so unless some very generous person donated a whole bunch of money, the government would have to get involved even if only from a money standpoint.