Friday, April 15, 2005

pondering job use

In the article "Eluding the Web's Snare", there was a doctor mentioned that was a chiropractor that didn't use the internet for her company. We've sort of discussed this topic in class before, but I find it really interesting that there are businesses that don't use the internet. Do you think that businesses that don't use the internet can survive in the business world today? From my experience recently with contacting doctors, email actually was the easiest. I was able to get in direct contact with the doctors right away rather than trying to go through their secretaries and have a game of phone tag for awhile until we were actually able to talk. Email was so much more convenient.

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  1. wow, I would never even think that I could email a doctor. That definately shows something about me...I read your post and was literally shocked... "people email their doctors, what?". Just for a second--it made me feel like I was in a science fiction movie. After thinking about it for about two more seconds it made complete sense, of course people must do that. Somehow, I had never heard of that happening before.