Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have you seen The Hub?

In light of our discussion today about how some people may be less inclined to use new technologies if they don't already have a foot in the door (for example, the idea that new devices like the iPhone won't increase Internet usage among non-users), here's an article I found about Verizon's The Hub, a phone that carries calls over the Internet and has a whole host of snazzy features including a video library, Yellow Pages (to check movie times, order pizza, etc.), and even the ability to track your child. As of right now, you can't check email or surf the Web but this article says that Verizon may add those features.

Also interesting that in order to use this phone, you must live in an "Enhanced 911" area. I'm wondering if this is another example of rural folks getting left on the "wrong" side of the digital divide tracks.

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