Monday, February 16, 2009

cell phones in class?!

Check out the New York Times article about how the cell phone industry wants cell phones in classrooms.

Some of it sounds pretty interesting, but it also seems like a ton of extra work for teachers--and maybe these students would be better served by having those funds and that time go to something else, like healthier foods in the lunchroom or scholarships for their teachers to get more training. I've never taught, but I know some of you have and I would love to hear what your experience with cell phones were and what you think of this idea.


  1. What, TI-83's aren't good enough anymore?

  2. To be honest, one of my first thoughts was that this, if implemented widely, would be the death of the calculator game.

  3. I could see how this might help avoid difficulties with calculators. ... But everything else that would come with this would be a pain in the ass. Classroom management, which is already difficult, would become even harder.