Thursday, March 04, 2004

Question 1) From the Communities in Cyberspace book (Part V, Ch. 10: The Promise and the Peril of Social Action in Cyberspace):
The Lotus Development Corportation seemed pretty naive just innocently marketing their MarketPlace software program (which provided sensitive consumer information, including name, address, and spending habit information of 120 million American users). Do you think that they were under the assumption that "word wouldn't get out," or that they didn't anticipate such a "hue and cry" over the whole thing, especially through electronic medium (30,000 respondents cried "NO" and stopped it)??
2) From later in the same article: The word ethos is used in two ways. What are the two variations on the word and why the distinction?
3) From the Dirk Slater article "Low-Income Grassroots Organizations Work to Close the Digital Divide" comes the notion that it's easiest to teach computer/Internet skills while participating in some "real business with real consequences" (not a direct quote from the article;quotes are for my emphasis). How did this marginalized group of low-income people utilize the internet and were their efforts effective? Explain.

That's all. See you tomorrow. Oh, come talk about the James Welch diversity book with Dr. Louise Robbins and me tomorrow between 11:30~12:30 in SLIS Library, near soft chairs/lakeview windows. WINTER IN THE BLOOD is the book. We do the same thing on Friday too, same time/place.

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