Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'd like to second Anna's vote: the Harvey was pretty thick. But I can see the relation here between the non-physical structures of economies/internetworks and physical structures of flesh/blood/bricks/mortar. Theoretically, the non-physical appears to be created by the physical under this definition, but there are arguably also effects going in the other direction.
Here's an unorganized rant of economic, theoretical, and digital divide questions:
How does the gambling on public projects and running a town like a business affect its citizens (Isn'’t there a principle of economics that says that unemployment is a desirable phenomenon)? If cities embrace the model of the capitalist machine, how are the needs of inhabitants really served? This can all be extended to a question of the divides created by our information economy (which I think both readings were trying to make): as the products of labor become less and less engaged from the physical world, what is the use of binding a job to a place? How does this relate to assembling HP printers in Silicon Valley?
-john t

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