Thursday, March 25, 2004

John BAKEN here (finally)
Question #1--The Turow book discusses the shift in the early 90's, from Baby Boomers as a targeted group for advertisers and media to Generation X'ers (around page 76). What breakdowns can be accomplished
within that Generation X group (as far as divide and conquer mentality)? In other words, how can that
Generation X group be "generalized" so as to further divide them? Know what I mean?

Question #2--What is an example of a media blitz aimed specifically at the Generation X'ers?

Question #3--If the Baby Boomers population is the aging one, with more "disposable cash" reserves on hand, why the worry re: marketing to Generation X'ers, who don't even want to be marketed to (and can't make decisions, etc.)?

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